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ultra body and skin skin tightening treatments

Ultraformer III

World's No 1 in ultrasound skin tightening, non-surgical face, neck & body lifting!

Ultraformer III’s MMFU-powered cartridges are designed to transfer both concentrated and stable ultrasound energy into the focal region.  They are built to emit an equal distribution of heat for optimal accuracy in targeting broad or narrow treatment areas without damaging surrounding tissue.

Micro-focused: highly concentrated ultrasound beams deliver power with accuracy and precision to the specified focal region.

Ultraformer III’s 7 clip-in cartridges project uniform ultrasound beams directly to multiple layers underneath the skin to promote tighter collagen formation, tissue contraction and reduction in the volume of adipocytes that form bulging areas of tissue.

Patients notice an immediate benefit in improved skin tone and texture, with ongoing improvements over 3 to 6 months.

Traditionally difficult areas such as eye lifting are made easier with Ultraformer III’s specialised cartridges. It is possible for patients to experience up to 6mm of eyebrow lift, depending on their particular situation.

Ultraformer III’s high peak power and multi-layer treatment mean that patients feel an immediate benefit, then experience ongoing improvement.

Ultraformer III Skin Tightening HIFU is excellent for,

  • Face lifting
  • Skin tightening 
  • Rejuvenation
  • Body lifting 
  • Contouring

Ultraformer III Treatments available at ULTRA Body & Skin:

  • Hollywood Glow 
  • HIFU Face and Neck Lift 
  • Lower Face Lift 
  • Brow Lift 
  • Lip Tightening 
  • Eye Lift 
  • Eye Bags

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UltraFormer III Before & After Photos, Ultra Body & Skin Main Beach, Gold Coast
UltraFormer III Clinical Photos
UltraFormer III Before & After Body photos