Build Muscle. Burn Fat.

TESLAFormer uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) to stimulate muscle contraction which is much higher than what the body can typically achieve through exercise.

Areas of use:

TESLAFormer uses Electromagnetic Energy to stimulate muscle contraction equivalent to 50,000 contractions in one 30 minute session.

How does TESLAFormer treatment feel?

TESLAFormer is a highly tolerable treatment. The sensation is new to most patients, contracting muscles at a fast and effective rate without causing discomfort.

Is there any downtime?

TESLAFormer is an in and out procedure, non-invasive and no downtime. Treatments take from 30 minutes and patients can return to their normal routine after their treatment.

Am I a good candidate for TESLAFormer?

TESLAFormer is suitable for anyone who wants to tone and strengthen muscle. Best results are seen from people who maintain relative fitness and healthy lifestyle.

TESLAFormer Advanced Functional Magnetic Stimulation Technology
TESLAFormer treatments available at ULTRA Body & Skin:

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