Safe convenient treatment for weak pelvic floor muscles.

TESLAChair uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) technology to build pelvic strength for the treatment of:

How does it work?

A special magnetic field is generated by a pulse of current, delivered by the Tesla Electro-Magnetic Mechanism, and this induces a current that triggers the motor nerve system of the body, stimulating the targeted muscles to contract, helping to boost circulation and nutrition.

Who is the TESLAChair suitable for?

The treatment is suitable for many types of urinary and faecal incontinence. It is used for faster rehabilitation after surgeries in the urogenital area, after childbirth and for some sexual dysfunction, as well as chronic pelvic and lower back pain.

How many treatments do I need and is it safe?

For effective treatment, we recommend 6-10 treatments.  Therapy is performed two or three times per week for thirty minutes.

Safe, convenient and effective treatment for uncontrolled urine leakage and weak pelvic floor muscles. Just sit in the comfortable TESLAChair to take care of your incontinence problems for you.

Functional Magnetic Stimulation treatments available at ULTRA Body & Skin:

TESLAChair $200 per treatment or 6 x Treatments $1150

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